Monday, April 16, 2012

Losing Count

They say if you shake hands with a Dutchman you should count your fingers afterwards. If you shake hands with a Liverpudlian, you should count your ckufing arms. Give them an inch and they'll steal a mile.

The self-indulgence masquerading as sensitivity (typical scouse behaviour, along with shop-lifting) which caused Liverpool to refuse to play their FA Cup semi-final yesterday, on the 23rd anniversary (what's the next big one, then, boys - the 46th anniversary? Then the 69th [ooh-err!]?) of the Hillsborough incident, reached even more ridiculous proportions.

Even though Liverpool had reserved Sunday for their remembrance jag, they still took a minute's silence before their rearranged game on Saturday. Wrong ckufing day, in case you forgot, scouse mongs. And then the FA imposed a minute's silence before the second semi-final on Sunday, which by now was the wrong day (they did the silence thing the day before, remember?) in which Liverpool were not playing, but in which a team which was seriously inconvenienced by the rearrangment was playing. Talk about having your cake, eating it, and wanting to sell it back to the shop the scouses stole it from in the first place.

Fortunately, the Chelsea fans were having none of it and the minute's silence was abandoned given that, err, it was too noisy. According to the BBC, Chelsea's thrashing of Spurs was "marred" by this. But then that is what you would exepct the BBC to say, becasue that is what the BBC thinks people expect them to say.

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  1. If you're trolling for incendiary comments you picked the right topic. Surely Boris taught us long ago not to mess with the Scousers sense of mourning. His 'hooked on grief' op-ed in the spectator caused him no end of, errr, grief.

    Mind you he became Mayor. Perhaps you should stand for CE. You would get my vote. If I had one.