Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's An Unfair Kop, Gov'nor

Anyone who upsets a scouse git can't be all bad, and if they manage to upset the whole of Liverpool, or at least the non-Everton bit, then more power to their elbow.

One Alan Davies, an alleged comedian of whom I had not previously heard, has ssiped off fans of Liverpool "Football" Club by questioning the club's refusal to play an FA Cup match on the anniversary of the Hillsborough incident.

Aside from the intrinsic merit in upsetting the incoherent, shell suit-wearing thieves, he has a good case. Why do they refuse to play on the Hillsborough anniversary and not on the anniversary of the Heysel disaster? Perhaps because the latter was caused by Liverpool fans? Or perhaps it is just the usual scouse self-pity, dressed up as caring. As Davies points out, Man U don't refuse to play on the anniversary of Munich; they just get on with business.

As a result of Liverpool's self-indulgence, another English club, Chelski, has to play their FA Cup tie one day later, and one day closer to a Champions League semi-final, but of course not having another English club have a decent shot at the Champions League would never enter the heads of the scouse tribe. The thought that someone else not winning something is the closest you will get to winning something yourself? Oh, no.

So, what are the Liverpool fans going to do on the inauspicious day? Sit weeping at home? I doubt it. They will be either down the pub getting wrecked on their dole money, or shoplifting from their local supermarket, as usual. Ckufing scouse gits.


  1. I read recently that on that day in Sheffield in 1989, no Liverpool fan was without tickets, none was late and none had imbibed large quantities of alcohol. So that's official then.

  2. Even I have heard of Alan Davies! Woo-hoo! I've seen him on YouTube. Not bad for Whitey, although you'd probably have to run him through some make-over artistry before he could entice anything like the old todger