Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who's Judas And Why Are We Subbing Him?

Pootling around on Saturday, I heard on the radio Hong Kong's Commissioner of Police, Tsang Wai-hun, commenting on the current case of the Indonesian helper, who has been on Hong Kong TV screens for the past week lying apparently injured, allegedly as a result of physical abuse by her Hong Kong employer, in hospital back in Indonesia.

Mr. Tsang commented that inquiries with the Indonesian authorities and with the "victim" had gone well but then stated that he could say more as the matter was sub judice (or "sub Judas" as he put it).

Setting aside Mr. Tsang's unfamiliarity as a senior police officer with the pronunciation of a basic legal term, is he not aware that in a criminal case both actus reus and mens rea (or to make it simple for Mr. Tsang, fact and intent) have to be proved.

If the helper is already established as the victim, then Mr. Tsang seems to have pre-empted the courts' right to enquire into whether there was a crime in the first place.

What's next, Mr. Tsang? Predetermination of guilt?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rotor Ruin

A US Air Force helicopter has crashed in Norfolk. The BBC reports that it was "flying extremely low" before crashing.

Isn't that often the way with flying accidents?