Monday, December 23, 2013

Fat Of The Land

A UK politician has said that people should no longer use expressions which are synonyms of the word "fat", even those who are using them about themselves, in the great British tradition of laughing at oneself before everyone else does it anyway. (Or is it so that you are then free to make derogatory comments about others?)

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The politician, one Jo Swinson, one will note from her photo, adopts the classic photo pose of looking up to avoid her chins multiplying out, although her original chin does the job of three. It reminds me of how "Princess" Diana, the latter day Whore of Babylon, used to face down (but look upwards in that wounded puppy sort of way) so her ginormous conk wouldn't look so big. Pity she couldn't do anything about her great big navvy hands.

So, “Muffin tops, thunder thighs, cankles (fat ankles) – fat talk and body shaming too easily become a habit and an expectation” and are therefore to be avoided, along with British self-deprecation of all kinds, according to Jo "Chinson". But is it all right to just say someone is a fat cnut, I wonder?