Monday, April 2, 2012

The Buck Stops ... Over There

I was browsing a copy of the SCuM Post this morning as I waited in my local HSBC Premier branch, and came across an article by Mike Rowse, sometimes referred to as Donald Tsang’s bag boy. Who'da thunk it, that the Boy from Deptford, or Isleworth, or whichever flat-vowelled suburb, would have his own column? Mike obviously knows a thing or two about punctuation; perhaps one day he will know three things. Know wo' I mean, mate? 
The article, a mere week after the CE election, consists of several statements of the obvious about the election and the electoral system, of the type that I must have heard from half the taxi drivers in Hong Kong, combined with a side-swipe at Henry Tang who, before an enquiry into the ill-conceived HarbourFest of 2003, tried to retract his statement that Mike hadn’t stuffed up the boondoggle, or at least that he had an excuse (namely, that it was too hard for him) for so doing. Mike would surely be thriving on having bested Hong Kong's favourite equine punchbag, if only it weren't for that Friend of Donald tag of his own.

The last I remember Mike himself saying about the Fest, apart from every time I see him in person, was in the SCuM Post letters page where he said that he had at his elbow a spreadsheet that “proved” that HarbourWank was going to make money. Whatever happened to that proof, Mikey? Or was it just smoke and mirrors?  

In case it’s not forthcoming, 8 years later, I happen to have a Word document at my side that “proves”, if proof were needed ... well, you can probably guess.


  1. By all means Foam, heap all your delicious scorn on people for what they do and keep exposing the lies they utter. But to attack someone for where he happens to be born? "The boy is from DEPTFORD but still manages to have his own column"???

    What's this, Jane Austen? A shooting party in 1926? We expect greater things from you.

  2. Cissy - have you been to Deptford? Otherwise, fair comment, my sweet.

  3. And there was I thinking you'd invented Deptford, Foamie.