Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hard Graft

As Uncle Wen, looking increasingly as though he is suffering from dementia (or are we the ones suffering as he labours to get every word out?), lectures CE-elect CY Leung on the need to make Hong Kong corruption-free by leading by example, the implication being that this is what the incumbent has not done, Tiny himself has said that the ICAC's probe into his best friend will be fair and independent, the implication being that this, under his governance, is not something that could have been taken for granted.

Tiny goes on to say "Over the past 30 years, a clean government and a clean society have become one of our core values, which is deep-rooted in Hong Kong." Err, that's two, Tiny. No wonder you've never been accountable. (Geddit? Account-able. Oh, please yourselves.)

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