Friday, April 20, 2012

Heung On A Minute

As it becomes increasingly obvious that the Heung Yee Kuk in particular, so-called indigenous Dark Siders in slightly less particular, and Dark Siders in general consider themselves as above the law as tycoons and entertainers, can any right-minded island folk seriously oppose Article 23-style legisaltion any longer?

Pull down those illegal structures, Mr. Leung, and set free the dogs of war.


  1. You've done the Welsh and the Liverpudlians, so I guess it was only time before the Darksiders came into your sights.

    Hate to agree with you but the Kuk have stepped over the line here. Just their threat of violence should be enough to equip my local Bobbies with a few tear gas grenades.

  2. There is barely a property in Hong Kong on either side of the harbour that doesn't have some illegal structure. Air conditioner supports, iron security gates, laundry racks - almost all of these are technically illegal. The indigenous property developers just take it to extremes.