Friday, April 13, 2012

Kim Jong Un-Done

North Korea's long range rocket seems to have redefined the term - 'long range', that is, having stayed up for only 90 seconds before falling into the sea, A brief period of rigidity before a longer one of flaccidity, so to speak.

It seems also to have redefined the word 'rocket', as the Japanese defence minister Naoki Tanaka said "We have the information some sort of flying object had been launched from North Korea".

"Some sort of flying object"! That will please young Mr. Kim.

Talking of which, this means that PAL can get back to throwing their own some sorts of flying object into the air in only the 4th most dangerous fashion in the world. Fortunately, the North Koreans's long range missile has not yet managed to demote them to 5th.

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  1. Kim is still a young man. Give him time and he`ll be a bit less premature.