Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shifting Sands

I had only just got over my bewilderment at the current AustCham ad on the Australian Channel, where they say they have been "flavouring" Hong Kong for 20 years, accompanied by a cartoon of someone pouring salt (or maybe pepper) over the Hong Kong skyline ("Flavouring", where did that come from?), when I received a circular from "Business Events Australia's Chinese outlet. The circular contains a storyette about a jolly to Australia's Gold Coast by over thousand Chinese delegates from Herbalife China.

Jerry Li, President, Herbalife China said, “When choosing Australia for the Herbalife Leadership Vacation 2012, we were attracted by its world-renowned culture of fun; its people, natural beauty, and its proximity to China.”

Its "proximity to China"? A mere 9 hours' flying time away?
Or is there perhaps some territorial claim brewing under which Alice Springs will be discovered to have always been an inalienable part of Chinese territory?


  1. Probably as compared with proximity to Mars, which China will be planning to claim as soon as it's mastered the technology of long manned space flights. No doubt it will argue that Chinese astronomers discovered the planet first.

  2. No, some cartographer made a map of it.