Monday, May 27, 2013

Graveyard Humour

My mole at the FCC, where the usual closed shop, no term limits, vested interest candidates have been re-elected under a system which the CCP would be well advised to copy, has drawn my attention to a gem in the letters page of the current issue of The Correspondent, the FCC's bi-monthly rag.

Kit Sinclair, wife of the late Kevin, wrote complaining that Kev's name is omitted from the 2008 (the year he died) list of obituaries. The editor of The Correspondent replied that this was "a grave oversight". I am sure that will make Kit feel better.

1 comment:

  1. Missed that - excellent!

    And yes the "elections" are becoming ever more farcical. If something like this were happening in a political system the journalists involved would be all over it!

    As usual, the Associates who spend the vast majority of the cash that keeps the club in business are "represented" by people elected by the correspondents & journos. Which is the Associates' own fault for not voting in sufficent numbers, (as far as I can tell the Associate turnout was about 6-7%) but when the system is so broken who can blame them?

    The convicted felon (*) Egan is quite brazen these days in his assertion that he is somehow essentially a "Governor for life", and none of the journos seem to care.

    (*) and then left off on appeal on a technicality which looked distinctly like a fix to me...