Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Leung And Short Of It

The unofficial poll for the election of a CE for Hong Kong, organised by an academic, was illuminating in a couple of respects.

Firstly, even though it was unofficial, no one had the imagination to come up with anyone but the official candidates! Secondly, even though there was a non-pro-establishment candidate, he came last of the 3 candidates (and way behind the block of spoiled votes cast by retards in unconscious parody of the same Beijing stooges the poll was trying to present an alternative to).

And yesterday, the Univerity of Hong Kong's student union, which two weeks ago spent HK$400,000 on  8 newspaper adverts which were critical of eventual winner CY Leung, apologised and said they hadn't meant to say what they had for two weeks been happy for everyone to believe they had meant to say, now that the person they were criticising was in power.

Turning to CY himself ... setting aside my own direct experiences with him over more than 10 years (when I found him very open, pleasant and approachable), the devil (or whichever other invisible friend or enemy you prefer) is in the details. Mr. Leung attended Bristol Polytechnic and, unlike some cnuts around Hong Kong I could mention, has not retroactively relabelled this as the University of the West of England. None of these unsubstantiated masters degrees in bullshit subjects, either. And, it may seem a small thing, but he actually manages to open a car door for himself, something I have never seen Tiny or Henry do. Although perhaps Tiny just couldn't reach the handle.


  1. This doesn't augur well for our CE in waiting, considering what happened to the last local businessperson you hobnobbed with, one Lily Chiang.

  2. I would never have hobbed Lily Chiang.

  3. A belated welcome back Mr Fumierrestartusbis!

    I'm with you on the Uni/Poly thing - some of the polys were (perhaps still are) world leading in certain fields, and nothing to be ashamed of. (For example, Portsmouth Poly (now PompeyU) in naval architecture)

  4. And I'm prouder of South Bank Poly than the university of a similar name.
    Meanwhile CY still doesn't get it quite right . His website refers to his membership of the "Royal Surveyors Institution of Chartered Surveyors". Rather too many surveyors.
    And welcome back to the blogosphere; thanks to Ulaca for bringing it up.