Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Boy From Altrincham

There seems to have been a bit of a kerfuffle about whom CY visited on the day after his election, and for how long. One of the people he visited was my old mate Geoff Ma, or Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma as he is styled these days.

I have no issue with CY meeting Geoff, even for the 60 minutes he gave him, but I do have a slight gripe with Geoff himself. Astute readers of the previous incarnation of this organ, if there ever were any, will recall that Geoff's last words to me, back in Blighty in the seventies, were "I'll give you a call". I should have been suspicious since he didn't have my number, but still, he has now had a third of a century to find it. Thirty ckufing years, Geoff!

And by the way, you haven't half piled on the weight, you porker.


  1. I thought "I'll give you a call" was a polite way of saying "It wasn't that good".

    As for CY, isn't that HK for Skol? Maybe your mate having a bit of CY explains the weight gain.

  2. Bazza - the image of a future Chief Justice having the sort of carnal relations to which I think you are alluding is one which my reader will surely wish to erase from his or her mind.

  3. Just a beer, nothing else. I`m sure their relations are conducted in an extremely professional manner.