Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Bit On The Top

Ebeneezers, Wanchai purveyors of fine junk food to pissed gweilos, streetwalkers taking the weight off, and respectable persons such as your correspondent, are either falling on hard times or getting greedy.

I patronised one of their outlets the other day, intending to enjoy their nutritious prawn curry and chips, which I ordered at the counter for in-house consumption, but imagine my surprise when I found that I had been short-changed to the tune of $5!

Upon questioning this apparently innocent error, I was told that there was a $5 charge for sitting down. I pointed out that this charge was not shown on the price list and acordingly cancelled the transaction, took my money back and honoured Tsui Wah a few steps along the road with my custom. From the conversation behind Ebeneezer's counter, it was obvious that I was not the first person to have done this on that day alone.

Of course, I am not suggesting that my reader falls into either of the first two-mentioned categories of Ebeneezer customer, but if he (or she) does visit Ebeneezers, then he (or she) should check the bill more carefully than usual.


  1. Kebabs from Ebeneezers are minging at the best of times and certainly not worth the five dollars for sitting down - the cheeky bastards. What is it with kebabs in Hong Kong anyway? Impossible to get a proper kebab, ie one that is open-topped, covered in garlic and chilli sauce and ends up all over your shirt.

    One of the best meals you can get in Hong Kong is the beef brisket curry at Tsui Wah, followed by their crispy toasted buns with the condensed milk on top.

    60-odd bucks of pure joy.

  2. Spot on, Mr. T, though my favourite is the lamb curry (3 chops), with rice AND mashed potato.