Thursday, December 13, 2012

Walk A Mail In My Shoes

Has the Daily Mail been reading this blog? Or did it just take them longer to cut through the crap?

Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, has got in on the act, saying, "She clearly loved her job, loved her work, cared deeply about the health of her patients ...".

Err ... how is all that so clear to you, Dave? Maybe she did (love her job, etc.) and maybe she didn't. Or maybe she ckufing hated it - looking after toffs, being underpaid for it, and being berated by the hospital for the supposed slip-up even though she wasn't the one to give away any information. Or maybe she just thought life as an immigrant in Britain was sh1t generally. Even worse than living there is anyway.

1 comment:

  1. "Clearly" is politician-speak for "if you don't agree with the official line on this, by implication you're stupid".

    For centuries, the sun "clearly" revolved around the earth, which was "clearly" flat. But we won't go into that....