Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old Bags

My avid reader has forwarded to me an electronic missive from the venerable Helena May hostel on Garden Road, otherwise known as the Virgins' Retreat.

Apparently, there is something known as the "Season of Goodwill" (must be one of those government-prescribed things for locals, like loving your family even as they suck the blood out of your veins). Somewhat more interestingly, at least at first glance, the Helena May has come up with something called the  “Love Bags Project”, for which they are asking for volunteers. Why is it that when I hear the words "love bags", I immediately think of Joycey?

However, the love bags in question are being prepared by the Welsh Male Voice Choir (some  mistake there, surely), a different matter altogether. I think I'll give it a miss.


  1. Should I take this as a lunch invitation to the Helena May? Or is that only for the virginal?

  2. I'm happy to use my imagination, Joycey.