Friday, September 7, 2012

A Paucity Of Plods

What's going on with Asia's Finest, the Hong Kong Police? The term has always been a little tongue in cheek, referring to the lack of competition in the region but they seem to be acting less and less like  public servants these days.

Some of it, my highly placed source in the Justice Department tells me, is due to having too few porcine peeps, leading to a marked (but documented by my other sources) unwillingness to even accept a report for theft-related offences.

But then why are they pissing away their resources on non-essential stuff? I'm not talking about the occasional diversion of large numbers of personnel to act as escorts to visiting Mainlanders, or to take photos of demonstrators, or to close a chunk of the road network around Causeway Bay the other weekend so that a coach containing people who can run or swim fast, or point airguns at pieces of cardboard, could drive from A to B without having to slow down for other vehicles.

No, it's other stuff, like the two dummies who stand chatting with each other at Shittibank Plaza opposite the US Consulate on Garden Road all day, every day, never doing anything about vehicles dawdling at the drop-off point and causing a blockage at this known traffic black spot. 

Or Li Ka Shing, spotted today in his car getting a motorbike escort through Central. Hang on a minute - now I get it. It was the 'public' bit I got wrong.

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