Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fat Of The Land

Is Gu Kailai the first person to put on weight in a Chinese prison, or does she have a body double in more ways than one (geddit)?

Gu's death sentence may be commuted to life in prison which could then be commuted to 7 to 9 years, according to some reports. It is not reported whether she might then revert to receiving immunity from the law and a personal share of state assets, or merely national honours for killing a foreigner. Her prison time is likely to be spent in Qincheng, outside Peking, where standard cells are about 20 square metres, each with a toilet and a bed. Walls of cells for major criminals were padded with rubber to prevent them from harming themselves, it is said.

20 square metres is more than most Hong Kongers have per person, but without the rubber walls.


  1. I read that, at that special prison for VIPs, they can get four "state meals" a day. That might explain it. If I ate four meals a day, I'd look like that, too.

    By the way, I still get an "adult content warning" when I try to come here. Foamie -- what have you done to anger the Internet gods?

  2. It's to protect sweet young things like you, Joycey.