Thursday, May 3, 2012

Letsby Avenue

The Hong Kong police force, Asia's finest (or in Hong Kong English, "Asia's most finest"), have appointed themselves arbiters of matters sexual, according to the SubStandard.
A Hong Kong teenage lad was persuaded while chatting online with a Philippino woman to strip off (presumably thinking he was talking to his mother) and play with himself and - imagine his surprise - was then told that the encounter had been recorded and would be posted online unless he coughed up HK$3,000. The matter was reported to the police who, the Subbie reports, confirm that "their video chat degenerated into profane exchanges and bad internet sex".

"Bad internet sex"? What are the criteria for deciding this? Too fast? Too slow? Not enough bandwidth? And how did the police become such experts? Does this mean that, next time someone asks my reader "How was it for you"?, the response should be "I don't know. Let me ask a policeman"?


  1. Bad Internet sex? Back in dial-up days, 300k acoustic modems connected to a BBS and downloading a gif image for hours, then realizing you have could have bought Penthouse and Mayfair for 1/2 the cost of the telephone charges.

    Just realized technically BBS are pre-internet, bah.

    Go on Daddy Foamy, get yer kit off....

    ....I'll reply to your comment next week.

  2. "Not enough bandwidth"...Excellent, foamster!

  3. You would need a 50 inch screen to fit one Kardashian arse on tv

  4. AS soon as I see a Kardashian on TV I feel I need a shower to wash away the filth.Such ugly people

  5. Agree.They are all horrible people

  6. I saw a Kardashian at the Mandarin Oriental last year and threw up